Quiddity Solutions is a seed-stage, healthcare IT startup company delivering innovative software products that transcend the overwhelmingly complicated healthcare data ecosystem to unite providers, patients and payers for
value-based care decisions and patient-centered outcomes.

The Team

Robert Gerovski, MBA - CEO/CTO
Veeral Sheth, MD, MBA

Robert Gerovski, MBA


Veeral Sheth, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Eugene Greenstein, MD

Eugene Greenstein, MD

Advisor, Cardiology

Neelam Aggarwal, MD

Neelam Aggarwal, MD

Advisor, Population Health

James Anfield

James Anfield

Advisor, Payer Systems

We Make Price Transparency
in Healthcare a Reality

As the healthcare industry transforms from fee-for-service care (based on volume) to value-based care (based on quality), there is a shift to measure patient-centered outcomes against cost. The question is, “What is the cost?”


Delivered in Real-Time at
the Point of Treatment Planning

1. Display evidence-based treatment options in real-time, including
clinical effectiveness and cost/reimbursement data so physicians can
determine the best possible care 
for an individual patient's need.

2. Correlate treatment options with exact cost/reimbursement data,
based on an individual patient’s specific health insurance plan, to c
patient cost, provider cost, and payer reimbursements in real-time.

Exact Cost &


Care Plans &

Clinical Information

Quiddity Solutions, LLC
We reveal the price of healthcare to enable value-based 
care decisions at the time of treatment planning.
  • Delivers up-to-date, evidence-based clinical information,
    treatment options, and care guidelines
    in real-time from 
    many disparate data sources.

  • Reveals exact cost/reimbursement rates based on
    an individual patient's specific health insurance plan.

  • Physicians can make value-based comparisons of treatment
    options using evidence-based care plans, full price transparency,
    and anticipated patient outcomes.

  • Calculates patient cost, provider cost, and payer reimbursements in real-time.

Quiddity Solutions, LLC


We provide a single, real-time platform that gathers all of the trusted data
physicians need and delivers it right to their fingertips so they 
can spend less time
on the “leg work” and
more time focused on the patient.


Medical practices are failing to collect, on average, at least
25% of the money they’ve earned by treating patients. That's a 

loss of $125 Billion a year ($170,000 per physician, per year, every year)
Source: Molina, J. "3 Ways Software Can Improve Medical Billing." Capterra Medical Blog.  2011. [http://blog.capterra.com/3-ways-software-can-improve-medical-billing/]


MACRA – 2015 Federal MACRA laws require Medicare pay providers based on care quality and cost efficiency, instead of volume of care.
Source: http://www.aafp.org/practice-management/payment/medicare-payment/faq.html#macraimpact


Adoption of best practices could lower national healthcare expenditures
by a minimum of
$284 billion to $532 billion per year and reduce the annual growth of those expenditures by about 30%.

Source: Singhal S, Coe E. (Nov, 2016) "The next imperatives for US healthcare." McKinsey on Healthcare. [https://healthcare.mckinsey.com/sites/default/files/MCK_NextImperatives.pdf]

  • Providers can capture lost income, improve practice profitability, and transition to value-based MACRA mandates. 

  • Physicians can compare treatment plans on clinical effectiveness and cost/reimbursement to determine the best care for an individual patient's need, based on their specific health insurance coverage.

  • Patients can manage out-of-pocket expenses when there is a price tag placed on equally-effective treatment options. 

  • Our platform opens the window for shared decision-making conversations between physicians and patients, and enables patient engagement for care/cost discussions in real-time, at the point of treatment planning.

  • Improve the payer/
    provider data interchange and reduce the overall cost of care through information synergy.

  • Payers can save money when physicians and patients have the ability to consider relevant treatment options along with the cost of care and make fiscally responsible decisions.

OUR MISSION is to make price transparency in healthcare
a reality, so providers, patients, and payers can work together to
stem the rising costs of healthcare, while improving outcomes.


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